Welcome to Fahreen Bridal Makeup London
Welcome to Fahreen Bridal Makeup London


Bridal Make Up in London, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Sussex and more…

Fahreen offers an excellent bridal make-up & hair styling service throughout the South East UK to all brides who require a professional make up artist for their big day. She offers a range of hair and make up for brides, bridesmaids and mothers including a trial. Fahreen works with a range of branded cosmetics including Chanel, MAC Cosmetics, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder amongst many others. Whatever it is that you require Fahreen will be able to help.

Fahreen Make Up Artist

Specialising in Asian bridal hair and make up, Fahreen’s expertise extends to all races, religions and cultures. With a wealth of experience in the profession and excellent results every time, she is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely happy with the way that you look on your special day by working closely with her clients to ensure that the desired look is achieved to beautiful perfection to compliment your stunning bridal attire.


For more information about the services which Fahreen & her team of make-up artists offer, please use the contact page to make your enquiry.

Meet Fahreen

The outcome of all events were amazing and you are truly talented...

- Beejal
Real Brides
Real Brides
Bridal Makeup
Bridal Makeup
Creative Makeup
Creative Makeup
Make-up and Hair Services
Make-up and Hair Services

Make-up and Hair Services – READ MORE

This service is provided for your Wedding day, Reception Party, Engagement, Walima, Mehendi and Registry. Fahreen & her team of professional make up artists provide their services for all races and religions also including Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh & Jewish Weddings. So whether you’re Caucasian/White, Asian, Afro-Caribbean or any other race, there is no end to the clientele Fahreen and her team serve.

Non Asian, European Bridal Package
Non Asian, European Bridal Package

Non-Asian/European Bridal Package – READ MORE
Many of Fahreen’s non-Asian clients are often through referrals from their Asian friends or colleagues.

Asian Bridal Hair Stylist
Asian Bridal Hair Stylist

Asian Bridal Hair Stylist – READ MORE

Hair Styling – Bridal Hair Buns

Fahreen appreciates that Asian bridal clients have heavy bridal dupattas (scarf) to match their bridal outfit. It is very important for the bridal dupatta to sit securely on the bride as this will be held for the whole day which can for some brides, be up to 12 hours!

Asian & English Bridal Hair Styling
Asian & English Bridal Hair Styling

Asian & English Bridal Hair Styling – READ MORE
There are many aspects that are vital for Fahreen to accomplish when she makes up her brides. Along with make-up, bridal attire and dupatta setting, hair styling is also very important for bridal make up artist Fahreen to complete to perfection. Every bride wants their make-up to look perfect but Fahreen knows and appreciates that the brides hair contributes hugely to the final look of a Fahreen bride.

Wow Hair Extensions
Wow Hair Extensions

WoW Hair Extensions – READ MORE

Hair extensions provide the illusion that we have fuller, longer and healthier looking hair. This is perfect for those who might suffer from fine hair, hair-loss or for those who want a fuller

Fashion & Beauty Make-up
Fashion & Beauty Make-up

Fashion and Beauty Make-up – SEE MORE

A small selection of images whereby professional make up artist Fahreen’s Art background is evident. She has always had a creative flair and was commissioned to make up and hair style for editorial fashion and beauty shoots as seen in these images.

London Fashion Week Launch
London Fashion Week Launch

London Fashion Week Launch – READ MORE

Fahreen’s most recent achievements include being selected as a Make-up Artist for the London Fashion Week Launch 2010 whereby Fahreen was highly recognised for her creativity and ability to ‘work her magic.’ It is imperative a Make-up Artist must be exceedingly artistic for a high profile event which, include a celebrity audience.

Kaniz’s Asian Bridal Make-Up & Hair Styling
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

With just three days before the Walima, Kaniz called Fahreen to check availability and due to big day being in the early part of the year, Fahreen was available to provide her services at such short notice.

With no chance of a trial at such short notice, Kaniz took the risk by booking with Fahreen. Within those three days before the Walima, Fahreen discussed all of the client’s hair & make-up requests and then turned up on the big day to begin her magic transformation into a Fahreen bride.

Fahreen prides herself on quality. She ensures that each bride is provided with an amazing service until every finer detail (even the ones that guests might not pick up on) is tended to.

Fahreen provides her bridal services for hair styling, make-up, jewellery setting and dupatta setting. Having the dupatta set is just as important as having perfect hair & make-up because this compliments the rest of the attire. All of this is discussed prior to the big day.

Call Fahreen today on 07908 766385 to book your consultation today.

Vishalee – All Four Wedding Events
02 Mar 2013-My Services

Vishalee – All Four Wedding Events

A few months on from Vishalee’s Engagement, Asian bridal make up Artist Fahreen also made her up for her Asian wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception party and her Civil Ceremony.

Artist & Client working together

It is paramount that Asian bridal make up Artist Fahreen works closely with all of her clients to ensure they both get the best out of each other for that all important bridal look.

From the very moment that you step in to Fahreen’s place for a trial to the very last finishes of lippy on your wedding day, bridal make up artist Fahreen makes it clear throughout that there is a working relationship whereby she is to understand all of your requirements and desires to make you feel and look like the most beautiful bride in the world.

Vishalee’s trial with Fahreen allowed them both to discuss Vishalee’s requests for her bridal make up and hair styling. With only just the ONE trial prior to Vishalee’s Engagement, her beautiful client was confident with Fahreen’s capability and did not book any further trials with her. The initial trial was enough. All the other details like outfit colours, lip stick colours etc were discussed either by email or telephone. Bridal make up artist Fahreen keeps note of all of the required and desired to then apply them with her expertise on the day of each function.

It is important for Fahreen’s client to be as relaxed as possible which is why Asian bridal make up artist Fahreen, now based in London, works with a friendly, calm approach to her clients to ensure she gets the best out of her client and the client gets the best out of her.

Human Hair Extensions

For those clients who are unsure of using hair extensions to create their desired look, Vishalee purchased hair extensions from Fahreen which were used for her Engagement and then again a few months later for her Wedding Reception and Civil Ceremony.
It is highly recommended that you keep your hair extensions in good condition by looking after them (not too much heat, dry naturally etc) to ensure that there is a long life span for using your hair extensions. For advice or questions, contact Fahreen for more information.

If you’d like to book with Fahreen, please use the ‘contact us’ page or you can call her on 07908 766385 to discuss your enquiry further!

Vishalee’s Engagement Make-up & Hair
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Fahreen understands how important it is for a bride to look her absolute best one of the biggest days of her life which is exactly why she really takes the time to be meticulous about the small details to transforming you in to a jaw-dropping bride.

Using only the very best hair & make-up brands like TIGI and MAC cosmetics combined with her vast experience in bridal hair & make-up, Fahreen works strictly towards enhancing your natural features to ensure that not only are your guest party amazed, but you too are suprised at how amazing you look!

Above is just one of the bridal bookings Fahreen was booked for 6 months in advance!! Lovely silky hair extensions were used to complete the look where Vishalee would normally have shoulder length hair. For a completely natural look with extensions, please enquire using the ‘contact us’ page. Fahreen also provides hair extensions within her package deals for bridal and party hair/make up clients too.

This is what her wonderful client had to say a few days later making Fahreen’s job all the more satisfying…

Hi Fahreen,

Just wanted to say thank you for everything on Saturday! I felt amazing and the pics have come out lovely!

Thank you so much and i can’t wait for registry and wedding now!


Vish x

If you’d like to book with Fahreen, please use the ‘contact us’ page or you can call her on 07908 766385 to discuss your enquiry further!

Yvonne’s Non-Asian Bridal Make-Up for Asian Wedding
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Yvonne is one of the clients that had concerns about being made-up with Asian attire. As a non-Asian client, if it might be one of your fears, Fahreen will assure all of your concerns are dismissed. For your own reassurance, Yvonne did not book a trial as Fahreen came highly recommended to her as a professional make-up artist & hair stylist in the know of how to transform a client into a glamorous bride.

Yvonne didn’t like the idea of having all of her hair pinned back away from her face which is quite a traditional hair style when wearing the dupatta on the head. So, she put her faith in Fahreen’s trusted hands to provide hair extensions to match her hair colour and then create a secure bun for the dupatta and curly hair to frame Yvonne’s beautiful face. All of this was discussed before the big day via telephone conversations and then created on the day.


For any similar concerns you have or any other questions, call Fahreen today on 07908 766385 to book your consultation today.

Aleya’s Wedding & Mehendi
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Fahreen’s job involves careful listening to the clients requests. Even when there’s a household full of guests with other ideas, she takes it upon herself to make important intuitive decisions because Fahreen has your best interest at heart. Making you look a million dollars and your husbands jaw-drop is exactly what she aims for.

Using only the best products like MAC cosmetics and TIGI hair products, Aleya was a wonderful client who contacted Fahreen just a couple weeks before the big day arrived. With no time to spare, Fahreen ensured everything Aleya needed for the big day was prepared. No trial was possible due to the short space of time but the results are as you see above.

Fahreen also provides a service for the bridal guest paty too with her own trained team of make-up artists and hair stylists within the local area. Call today to book a consultation on 07908 766385.


Note: These images have not been enhanced or airbrushed in any way at all. This is the true work by Bridal make up artist Fahreen.

Farrah’s Wedding and Walima
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

A stunning young lady, Farrah contacted Fahreen via Facebook for a last-minute booking last summer for her Wedding. With just a week to go before the Wedding day, Fahreen was fortunately available for her client. However with time so short, there was no time for a trial and so, Farrah took the chance to book with Fahreen anyway… And the outcome?..See above! To compliment the gorgeous outfits and jewellery Farrah beautifully coordinated, she also chose the perfect Asian bridal make-up artist & hair stylist to ensure Farrah would be all that her guests talked about!


This is what Farrah had to say herself:

“Fahreen did my make-up on both my wedding and walima day and I can proudly say, it was the best decision I could have possibly made. I believe it is important to have a good relationship with your make-up artist as she is the person who you will be spending your final nerve-racking moments with, and a warm, caring and genuine artist can really help compose a bride. Fahreen listened to and respected everything I wanted. The make up was to perfection and I didn’t have a hair out of place. From beggining to end my hair and make-up looked flawless, and as cliche as it may sound, I honestly did feel like a princess on my wedding day. I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends and family in the future. An amazing artist, and a beautiful human being. Farrah Azam.”

If you’d like to book Bridal make-up artist & hair stylist Fahreen for your big day, call today on 07908 766385 or you can use the ‘contact us’ page to enquire about Fahreen’s availability for your big day.

Beejal’s Civil Ceremony & Traditional Wedding
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Gorgeous Beejal booked bridal make-up artist Fahreen six months in advance for her civil ceremony, Asian Wedding ceremony and Wedding reception party all of which took place in July 2011. After her trial with make-up artist Fahreen in December 2010 after being referred by another friend who booked with Fahreen earlier in the year, Beejal paid her deposit for all of her events with Fahreen immediately.

With starts as early as 5.00am, Fahreen made-up Beejal with all of the bride’s ideas in mind as well as embossing her bridal make-up artist mark – the eyes. Fahreen pays a great amount of attention to every detail whilst getting her bride ready, in particularly with the eyes. Of course all the elements to a bride’s final look are key to making her look absolutely stunning and that’s why Fahreen’s signature make-up looks are the focus of where every guest will look first – the bride’s eyes. It is paramount that the eye make-up from; eyeshadow, eyeliner, false eye lashes to eyebrows, are all perfectly made up to perfection to guarantee that Fahreen’s brides look beautiful, elegant, stunning and flawless.


Beejal was kind enough to email Fahreen after all of the events were over. Here’s what Beejal had to say:

“Hi Fahreen,

How are you? Hope your wedding plans are going ok.
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your services during my wedding time, especially for the reception when we had to rush a little bit.
The outcome of all events were amazing and you are truly talented.
As a person you are so friendly and kind. Like a friend. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Most importantly you listened to what I wanted.
I would definitely recommend your services and continue to use your services in the future.

I wish you all the best and if there is anything I can help with in relation to your wedding please let me know.

Kind regards

For more information on booking dates and availability for bridal make up artist Fahreen, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to make your enquiry with as much detail as possible.

Claire’s English Bridal Make-Up & Hair Styling
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Stunning Claire was referred to bridal make-up artist Fahreen by an Asian friend of hers who specified that Fahreen’s eye make-up was to perfection. Claire immediately booked a trial with Fahreen and then knew once the trial was completed, that she wanted to book Fahreen for her big wedding day six months in advance as well as make-up and hair styling for her mother also.

With the deposits paid and out of the way, only left to complete were the small details for the day… timings, colours, hair pieces etc. Claire wanted beautiful, bold and gorgeous make-up to match her absolutely stunning bridal white dress and long flowing veil covered in crystals to match her crystal tiara and accessories carefully selected by the bride. With a smokey purple look and long false eye lashes, bridal make up artist Fahreen made Claire up to look elegant and classy. Here’s what Fahreen’s bride Claire had to say for herself after the event:

“Hello Fahreen,

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with your skill and technique. My make up was amazing and I felt so confident when I walked down that aisle. All the guests were saying how good I looked lol

:-) …. r they trying to say im ugly lol ! Honestly you were worth every penny, I was so excited with the finished product. My hair ….. my hair was amazing it looked really elegant and stayed put all day and night.The only touch up I done was on my lips ! which was from kissing the product away on guests. Honestly the make up lasted all day and night too….. very impressed . My skin looked flawless with the product you used and the skill to apply it ! My mum was so happy with the finish and felt like a different person. Are you on fbook, ? i have a close up pic i can send of me and mum. Thank You again Fahreen, you really made a difference im so glad I found you to do my wedding make up. Your really professional and I can not rate you highly enough.”

For more information on booking dates and availability for bridal make up artist Fahreen, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to make your enquiry with as much detail as possible.

Arzu’s Wedding and Walima in Leisceter & Birmingham
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Fahreen is often asked how soon should the client confirm their booking with her. This client booked a year in advance with leading bridal make up artist Fahreen. Travelling to the Midlands for this wonderful client was discussed very early on which was no problem at all. Fortunately Arzu had booked well in advance which in turn meant other clients were left disappointed when they had contacted Fahreen closer to the same date. So please book as soon as you know the date of your wedding to avoid disappointment!

Venue, food to clothes and jewellery were just some of the things carefully picked and coordinated for Arzu’s two glamorous events held in Leisceter and Birmingham, which made it all the more worth while when Fahreen was asked to attend the functions, not only as a guest but also to assist as Arzu’s personal Make-up artist for the whole day.

To enquire the cost of Fahreen’s attendance for the day, please use the ‘contact us’ page.


After Arzu’s return from her Honeymoon, she wrote:

“Fahreen was really helpful from the very first day we spoke to discuss what it was I wanted. After she had detailed what was offered in her package and the price of it, I was definitely convinced. Although I did book very early on, I didn’t have time to arrange a date for the trial and what helped me overcome my fear was Fahreen’s experience and the pictures of her brides. I knew I would be in very excellent hands and so i decided I would make the deposit as required of me.

On Fahreen’s prompt arrival, she began her work straight away calming me whenever I panicked. She was brilliant in keeping me sane through the chaos. Fahreen had asked me on several occasions what it was I wanted and I asked her to do whatever she felt best. This in my opinion, is the best thing I could have done because I absolutely loved the results! The biggest compliment for me was being told my skin looked airbrushed like in magazines! I loved every minute of my wedding and walima and I’ll never look back!

My friends have ranted at me for Fahreen’s number and I have two other friends who have booked with her since then for their mehendi and wedding events.

I want to thank Fahreen for being patient with me and for making my dream wedding come true!

All the best, Arzu x”

Pakistani Bridal Make-Up
02 Mar 2013-Real Brides

Pakistani Bridal Make-Up, Hair Styling & Dupatta Setting – Wedding

Ayesha was highly recommended to book a trial with Fahreen for her big wedding day in Crawley. During the trial, Fahreen was shown a picture of the bridal attire and the rest came together. Ayesha walked away from the trial very pleased and even wore the make-up for the rest of the day of the trial to test its ‘staying power’ which was of course, all day until bed-time.

With no hesitation, Ayesha booked Fahreen for her big day by payment of the deposit. All that was left to do was have the wedding day come itself.

With amazing beautifully matched jewellery to go with the stunning bridal attire, Fahreen completed Ayesha’s bridal look to exactly how she wanted it. It’s imperative for Fahreen to complete each bridal look to each individual client to the highest standard that has built Fahreen’s reputation for signature bridal make-up, in particular eye make-up.

For all your make-up needs, contact Fahreen today for more details on availability.


Reena’s Glamorous Engagement
16 Jan 2013-Real Brides

Reena – Engagement, Weddings and Reception

For a modern but elegant twist to Asian bridal make-up, Fahreen infused the two for when she made – up Reena. Using only the best products from MAC cosmetics and TIGI hair products, Fahreen dolled up Reena to be a glamorous bride-to-be.

It’s imperative for every aspect of the bridal look to be created from hair, make-up to jewellery setting and dupatta setting. Each of which is carefully discussed prior to the big day. Now with Bridal hair & make-up at the forefront of every brides mind, Fahreen knows just how important it is to look jaw-droppingly stunning for each event of the wedding and that includes all pre-wedding events like the Engagement too. Reena’s was no exception.

Beautiful & bold Reena booked professional make-up artist Fahreen more than a year in advance for the following events: Engagement, Wedding party 1, Wedding party 2 and the Reception. For all four events, Reena and Fahreen carefully discussed all the details for hair styling, make-up looks, jewellery, outfits and even the schedule of each. Reana wanted very bold but elegant looks to match all of her carefully selected outfits. Four different bridal outfit changes and jewellery meant that Reena needed four very different hair styles and make-up looks to compliment her stunning outfits and jewellery. Set in the beautiful grounds of Effingham Park Copthorne Hotel, Reena’s choice for professional hair & make-up artist couldn’t be of better choice. Bridal make-up artist Fahreen infused tradition with contemporary looks for hair & make-up to compliment Reena’s bridal attire to ensure Reena was a bride that all of her guests would be in awe of.


Since the event, Reena has been kind enough to provide a few words of her experience with bridal make up artist Fahreen:

“Fahreen did my make up and hair for my engagement, weddings and reception. I was absolutely over the moon when I saw the results. My face was perfect and there was not a hair out of place on each occasion. Fahreen listened and understood exactly what I wanted and she excelled all my expectations. Thank you so much!

Reena xx”


If you like any of these looks for your wedding day, please contact professional bridal make-up artist Fahreen for more information on dates and availability.